【Future】Vocon White Rhythm vibrate toothbrush

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Specifications/Brush head: 【Future】Vocon White Rhythm vibrate toothbrush(Black)
Future Lab. Vocon White Rhythm vibrate toothbrush from the Future Lab combines powerful performance with effortless cleaning, effectively removing stubborn dental plaque caused by yellowing, tea stains, and tobacco residue. Its advanced sonic technology provides twice the plaque removal compared to manual brushing, delivering a truly refreshing clean. With four intelligent modes and three intensity levels, it caters to individual preferences and needs. The 30-second interval reminder ensures proper brushing technique and prevents over-cleaning or insufficient cleaning. The magnetic wireless charging feature allows convenient charging, while the IPX7 waterproof design ensures worry-free use even during showers. The detachable medical-grade 70-micron brush head offers easy and eco-friendly replacement, saving both money and resources.