Brand new patented styling clip

Perfect combination of ionic straightener and hair comb




Latest Water Ion Technology

Releasing 18 million water ions per second, designed to
keep hair moisturized and smooth. Water ions can deeply
penetrate the hair fibers, replenish moisture, reduce hair
dryness and frizz, giving you silky and shiny hair.

18 million

Hair Care Water Ion

1 min

Quick styling for going out


Seven-level temperature control

Style and Protect Your Hair Simultaneously

Deep Hydration and Repair, Penetrates Hair Core, Smoothens Damaged Cuticles.

Seven-level temperature control

Different temperatures can be used to style different hair
textures, achieving precise styling even for individual strands
of hair.

Patented styling design

3D massage comb + U-shaped comb, more comfortable for combing hair.
Equipped with built-in intelligent electric heating chip for rapid heating and precise temperature control.

Quick styling in one minute before going out

Change different styles for different occasions, instantly increase hair volume, and bid farewell to flat hair.

Fresh and casual, easy style change

Whether it's a natural air fringe, instantly adding sweetness and reducing age, an elegant and charming C-shaped pear perm, or a fresh and casual hair tail curve, you have a variety of fashionable hairstyle options.

Fashionable and Sunny, Creating Trendy Hairstyles

Let you part your hair cleanly and fresh, emitting a clean and neat refreshing charm. You can also create a handsome and tidy slicked-back look, showcasing a classic gentleman style.

focus on details

Design that values attention to details

Type-C fast charging

Can also be used with power banks

Extremely lightweight body

It is also convenient to store in a small bag, and have a perfect hairstyle anytime


Taiwanese Team Design and Development

Feeling good-looking gives people confidence

In the past, everyone had to rush out and style their hair
quickly, but often after riding a bike or in the afternoon, the
hairstyle would become messy. We developed this product
with the hope of using wireless kinetic energy battery
technology to help everyone maintain a good hairstyle all
day long.

Fans get exclusive early access feedback

【Future】Nion2 Negative Ion Comb

18 million water ions, maintaining moisture and smoothness

Temperature can reach up to 200℃, seven-stage temperature control

Wireless use, easy to carry

Sale priceRM199.90 MYR Regular priceRM249.90 MYR
Please choose the specification: Negative Ion Comb2 (lilac purple)

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