One device meets all cleaning needs

World's first revolutionary comprehensive air purifier

Active oxygen sterilization

Negative ion deodorization


Solar-powered induction charging

As soon as there's light, it immediately starts charging as soon as there is light,
using top-grade photovoltaic solar panels with a 600%
increase in conversion rate. When used in a vehicle, you
can freely adjust the front and rear seat charging positions,
and after 4 hours of sunlight, you can enjoy clean air all the way.

30 million

Negative ions count

99.9 %

Bacterial elimination rate

53 square meters

Space utilization

Suitable for Home and Car Use

All new upgrade! Up to 30 million negative ions, not only for the car, but one unit is enough for a 53 square meter room.

10 times the airflow, improving circulation

The unique fan enhances indoor air circulation, providing you a quiet and noise-free experience without any disturbance.

The blower has undergone further evolution, with modifications to the previous product's air outlet design, increasing the wind force intensity by 10 times, rapidly purifying indoor space.

Instantly eliminate various odors

Maintain good indoor air quality, quickly purify rooms up to 53 square meters, and never let you experience any unpleasant odors.

Automatic Induction Start

Built-in motion sensor, automatically shuts down when the vehicle starts, allowing you to breathe pure and healthy air at all times.

Zero consumables design

HEPA high-efficiency nano washable filter, easy to clean, saving monthly filter replacement cost.

Type-C charging port

It continues to provide reliable power even on rainy days, ensuring normal operation of functions.

focus on details

Design that values attention to details

ABS high-temperature resistant material

Can withstand high temperatures up to 80℃

Powerful magnetic suction bracket

3M sticker does not damage leather and prevents sliding during turns and drifts

Intuitive and easy to use

Safe to use while driving

Future GC1

Taiwanese Team Design and Development

Creating the Lightest and Thinnest Car Solar Air Purifier in History

We aim to develop a product that can improve the air quality inside the car without the need for any consumables. It should provide fresh air and have sterilization functions. Therefore, we utilized solar panels as the energy source and developed the GC1 Solar Air Purifier.

In addition to effectively eliminating odors and pollutants such as smoke inside the car, the GC1 Solar Air Purifier also utilizes negative ions and active oxygen sterilization modes to effectively suppress bacteria and viruses in the air, creating a healthier and fresher environment inside the car. Moreover, the GC1 Solar Air Purifier's zero-consumable and noiseless design further satisfies consumers' demands for convenience and practicality.

Fans get exclusive early access feedback

【Future】 GC1 Solar Air Purifier

Solar-powered with intelligent charging, efficiency increased by 600%

Absorb space dust, suitable for both home and car use

Dual sterilization with negative ions and active oxygen, achieving a disinfection rate of 99.9%

Sale priceRM199.00 MYR Regular priceRM400.00 MYR

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