【Future】Cold White Ultrasonic Toothbrush

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Specification & Brush Head: Black: 1 Cold White Toothbrush + 2 types of brush heads + round UV cover + wireless charging stand


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Even though I to brush my teeth hard every day, I still have a full mouth of yellow teeth and have a toothache all the time. COLD WHITE cold light whitening toothbrush developed by FutureLab. is the latest generation of ultrasonic whitening toothbrush which can solve 90% of people's dental problems! With the cleaning power of a dentist, it can easily remove the dirt and tartar that are difficult to erase with ordinary toothbrushes. The medical aesthetic polishing help you whiten your teeth while brushing! The UV sterilization cover makes you free from the worries about the growth of bacteria on the toothbrush. The body features magnetic wireless charging and the whole unit is waterproof so you can brush your teeth while taking a bath. The stand-alone aesthetic medicine grade 70 micron brush head can be replaced in one second, which is eco-friendly and money saving.

Unit: cm

Body: 23.3X2.8
Charging Stand: 5x2
Charging Voltage: 5V1A
Battery Volume: 2000mAh
Waterproof Grade: IPX7
Cleaning Vibration Frequency: 32000/min max.
Materials: ABS, PC

Cold White Toothbrush main unit*1
Magnetic charging stand (including cable)*1
Sterilization toothbrush cover*1
Nano clean brush head *1
Soft-bristle brush head*1
Brush head base*1