Top-notch oral care in the industry, self-made chemical-free activated oxygen water

Upgraded activated oxygen water in 60 seconds from tap water

Tap water

Upgraded activated oxygen water


Sterilization by flushing deep into the tooth crevices

Create homemade activated oxygen oral care, powerful water flow quickly passes through the channel, producing microbubbles through collisions, effectively remove dental
dirt with the bubbles' impact, effortlessly eliminate common
oral bacteria


Full machine waterproof

60 seconds

Upgraded activated oxygen water

3 types

Cleaning mode

The Benefits of Ozone Mouthwash

  • Non-chemical composition, non-harming to oral and gums.
  • Sterilization effect comparable to toothpaste and mouthwash.
  • Concentration of 0.4-0.8ppm, capable of sterilization and disinfection.
  • 15 minutes to restore oxidation, no environmental pollution.

2 exclusive nozzles

Exclusive innovative dual professional nozzles can target and solve various oral problems.

Cleansing while massaging the gums

Adopting high-frequency pulse technology, with a built-in intelligent chip for precise pressure control, maintaining a fine pulse water column of 0.6mm to reach deep into the gaps between teeth, effectively removing oral residue,
and stimulating gum blood

3 Cleaning Modes

1.Sensitive Mode: Gentle water pressure, reduces the possibility of discomfort during rinsing.
2. Standard Mode: Standard water pressure, suitable for cleaning braces.
3.Pulse mode: High water pressure, thoroughly cleans plaque and dirt.After use, it automatically remembers the water pressure, so every time you turn it on, it's in your preferred mode without the need for readjustment.

IPX-7 design

Fully waterproof, not afraid of moisture, easy to clean during the cleaning process.

Superior battery storage capacity

Allowing oral cleaning beyond the confines of home, Type-C fast charging takes about 1 hour for a full charge, which can last for a week (based on twice-daily usage).

focus on details

Design that values attention to details

180ml large-capacity water tank

Clean the entire oral cavity with one water storage

Nozzle storage compartment design

Nozzle storage, no fear of bacterial contamination

Press gently to reduce size by half

Compact body, easy to carry around

OCare Clean

Taiwanese Team Design and Development

An all-around cleaning dental water flosser

Many people with braces use interdental brushes and dental floss, but the cleaning effect is actually very limited. Therefore, after several years of research, we have successfully developed the
BlueOxygen Dental Water Flosser, which is comparable to a "water flosser.

Not only can it reach many inaccessible corners, but the
most important feature is its active oxygen function, allowing you to clean and disinfect at the same time, along with two exclusive nozzles to help you clean more meticulously and conveniently.

Fans get exclusive early access feedback

【Future】OCare Water Flosser

Upgrade to Active Oxygen Water in 60 seconds, Top-notch Oral Care

2 exclusive nozzles, addressing various oral issues

3 Cleaning Modes with Automatic Memory of Pressure

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