【Future】7D Ergonomic Reclining Chair

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Bundle: Work From Home Bundles - 7D Chair + 7D Lumbar support + TLamp
The world-class 7D Ergonomic Reclining Chair is designed and combined with ergonomic technology to provide you with the most comfortable sitting experience, and it is breaking through the various discomforts caused by the traditional and normal chair. It is suitable for gamers, work from home or office, or students. Now, you will not feel any discomfort even if you sit for a day with this 7D Ergonomic Reclining Chair.

Unit : cm

Weight : 19kg
Weight limit: This product has a maximum load of 130 kg, maximum load of 120 kg when lying down, and maximum load of 80 kg for the chair and stool.
Product Material : Chair cushion-high elastic sponge, Back frame-PVC plastic, Axle-aluminum, Five claws-aluminum, Wheels-PU wheels


Plastic Type-Wipe with a damp cloth, then wipe with dry cloth
Metallic Type-Wipe with a damp cloth, then wipe with dry cloth
Cloth Type-It is recommended to use a foam cleaner and then wipe with a damp cloth, immediately press and absorb with a dry cloth, and dry it at a cool and ventilated place (do not directly expose it to the sun)